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Landlines & Mobiles.
VoIP Phone Unlimited Calls to Landlines
and Mobile Phones to any global country
around the world. There are 192 countries
internationally and all these countries
support VoIP Phone. Even calls to analogue
phones and VoIP phones, all connect.


Best-in-Class, Modern and 21st Centuary Technology.

VoIP Phonetics for Office, Small Business, Corporate and Government.

VoIP Phone 6 VoIP Phone Call Centre One! VoIP Inbound is a component of the IP Contact Center (IPCC) portfolio of internetworking services, which tightly couples signaling and functionality from the Advanced Toll Free and IP networks to deliver the intelligent routing and call treatment required by today's contact centers. The IPCC services are network-based and include IP Interactive Voice Response (IVR) in addition to VoIP Inbound.

VoIP Inbound is standards-compliant and provides single-call service that allows PSTN-originated Toll Free calls to seamlessly terminate and transfer to a SIP or TDM endpoints, without call re-originations that tie up CPE port capacity. VoIP Inbound includes advanced toll free features -including automatic ISDN User Part and SIP Error overflow for reliable termination to SIP or TDM devices anywhere; and, when combined with IP IVR, supports customer-driven pre/post call routing and/or call treatment and queuing for customers using Cisco ICM or Genesys Customer Interaction Management.

As an extension of the Advanced Toll Free network, VoIP Inbound provides seamless service for hybrid (TDM and IP) terminations and transfers which makes it possible for customers to migrate their contact centers to IP at their own pace, without disrupting contact center operations or service levels.

The customer continues to dial an 1800 number (TDM) and VoIP Inbound converts the Toll Free call into Voice over Internet Protocol, and delivers it to the contact center(s) over standard access methods such as Internet Dedicated Access, Private IP, or ISDN. If necessary, the call may be converted back to TDM for delivery to a TDM end point, in which case it will be priced and billed as a traditional Advanced Toll Free call.

Incoming Calls are critical part of your businesssuccess and needs to be online. All the time. 6 VoIP Phone Lines. Come with the Call Centre One 6 VoIP Phone Lines all included. Including $99/month AUD Inc GST. Signup and start your call centre one contact centre today using voip phone unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles as an addon.

VoIP Phone Unlimited A-Z Worldwide Origination and Termination.
Skybridge Domains, VoIP Phone Line Calls to Landlines and Mobiles.
A VOIP phone system can reduce your monthly phone bill
tremendously compared to a traditional analogue phone
system. This VOIP phone systems are digitally enhanced, hosted VOIP solutions.
VoIP Phone in the 21st centuary and beyond
far exceeds the voice quality of ageing telecom solutions like analogue
phone infrastructure from your traditional analogue phone provider.

Bring Your Phones Online.


What is IVR? IVR is an acronym for Interactive Voice Response, you have probably already heard of an IVR already, just not known what an IVR is. This is the prompt that when you call your bank or insurance company, you hear, for sales press 1, for billing press 2, for all other enquiries, please press 3. IVRs are now based on VoIP. VoIP IVRs has reduce the cost of IVR implementation because no hardware is needed at the customers end. All VoIP IVR hardware remains at the sophisticated datacentre and is world-class. Your IVR will continue to operate all the time, day or night.

If you have a business and have a phone number and you don't already have a VoIP IVR then check out the latest in VOIP IVR phone technology.

High-powered communications and collaboration solutions that grow with your enterprise and unite teams worldwide for maximum productivity and impact.

VoIP phone unlimited is the best way to solve your residential home, office, business and corporation needs. .

From a VoIP Phone Dedicated Server, Linux Dedicated Server, Microsoft Windows IIS Dedicated Servers to cPanel and Web Hosting Management (WHM) Dedicated Servers.

The web hosting industry's most reliable, intuitive dedicated servers since 2001. With first-class support and rich feature set, it's easy to see why Skybridge Domains customers and partners make their dedicated server hosting platform of choice with us.

vPhone Professional Suite is your next telecom built for your office using voice over IP. From 1 vPhone to thousands of vPhone Professional Suite Lines. vPhone connects you to the world of VoIP phone unlimited landlines and mobile calls are included in your vPhone Professional Solution.

VoIP Phone Plans for Business.

VoIP phone unlimited calls to landilnes and mobiles
Real VoIP Phone Number x1 + 1800 number
Voicemail to Email
Small Office Over WIFI, 4G or 5G
3g, 4g, WIFI, Cable, NBN, Fibre
Got a good, high quality internet connection that's reliable and super-fast? VOIP is perfect for you. Signup today!

Buy Now $30/month + GST
VOIP phone unlimited landlines and mobiles

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VoIP Phone Unlimited
1800 Phone

VoIP Phone Unlimited 1800 Numbers is now available and comes with world-class voip phone 1800 unlimited numbers for $75/month AUD inc. GST within Australia. VoIP Phone Unlimited 1800 VoIP Phone is deisgned perfect for Businesses of all shapes and sizes regardless of your physical address.

VoIP Phone 1800 Numbers for Australia-only
VoIP Phone Unlimited Calls to Landlines and Mobiles within Australia
Voicemail to Email (as .wav file)
Works with Windows PC, Apple Mac, iPhone, iPad, ATA Hardware Adapter, VoIP IP Phone e.g. siemens c530 phone. Skybridge Domains is a Microsoft Partner, Dicker Data Partner, Cisco Partner. Skybridge Domains has proven itself to be a leader in VOIP Telecommunication services worldwide. VoIP Phone Unlimited Calls to Landlines, Mobiles Australia-wide and around the World. VoIP Phone Calls do it all. From VoIP 1800 Phone Numbers to VoIP phone real-world VoIP Phone numbers. VoIP Phone Landlines and Mobiles.

Checkout All VoIP Features

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VoIP Phone Office Pro

VoIP Phone Office Professional delivers on it's promise of providing world-class voip phone unlimited calling accounts within Australia and Overseas.
VoIP Phone Unlimited Now works with 4g and 5g using Bria S.I.P App.

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Choose high quality VoIP Phone Plans. Skybridge Domains VoIP delivers a business grade voice-over-IP telephone service called Skybridge Domains VoIP, which can dramatically reduce the cost of phone calls.

Broadband-Ready. All VoIP phone requires an always-on, reliable and good quality broadband internet connection.

Calls Only
$ 17.50
+ GST month
  • Real VOIP Phone Number
  • 250 Talking Minutes *Landlines*
  • Best-In-Class VoIP Phone for Residential Home and Business
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Calls Aust-wide.
$ 52.50
+ GST month
  • Real VOIP Phone Number
  • 250 Talking Minutes Landlines and Mobiles Included
  • Best-In-Class VoIP Phone for Residential Home and Business
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