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Fast Dedicated Servers
with Skybridge Domains and means high performance.
24x7x365 technical support is available all year around with your own dedicated servers.

Dedicated Servers E3 CPU, 120GB RAM, 1GBPS Network Ports, 16GB RAM

Linux Centos64bit operating systems, Linux Debian64bit operating systems with full root access to Linux System or you can choose to have a microsoft windows server 2012 and soon to come is 2016 dedicated servers upgrade. The worlds fastest dedicated servers has arrived at Skybridge Domains, Dedicated Servers Platform you can own a dedicated server for $300/month USD.

Dedicated Servers E5 CPU, 250GB RAM, 1GBPS Network Ports, 64GB RAM

Faster your requirement for your dedicated server, the faster the dedicated servers with your linux server or windows server. You need to be extremely fast to host multiple websites or building your own application so that it runs on a dedicated server and thats being ultra fast. If you need to be connected quickly then thats no problem as well because we do same day or sometimes instant dedicated server setup and you will be up and running within seconds. Call or email us for good old fashion and genuine technical support with a proactive response to technical support issues.

Give us a try today and call us on 03 8652181 or 613 86521810.

Dedicated Servers E7 CPU, 8GB RAM, 1GBPS Network Ports

High Performance means fast and fast means your customers can access your website in a fast manner, all you need to do is connect to your web site or application and you will be able to run it remotely via your dedicated server. Skybridge Domains, Dedicated Servers is powerful and super fast with proactive technical support 24x7.

Dedicated Servers has a network operational centre. You can have a dedicated server located in your own country or a country overseas.

High Performance Dedicated Servers.

If you are looking for a fast dedicated servers then you have come to the right place.

Windows Server 2012

DNS Manager
Firewall & DDOS Protection
Supports Unlimited Domains
Basic SSL Security Certificate

Linux Centos64bit

Intel E5 Dedicated Servers
500GB SSD Hard Drive
World-class Datacentre
1GBPS Network Ports

Fast Dedicated Servers

Fastest website hosting with a fast dedicated servers. Starting from $300/month in your local datacentre. Instant Setup. Signup Now and get started with the fastest dedicated server.

Dedicated Servers

Unlimited Bandwidth, Dedicated Servers, 8GB RAM, 120GB SSD Hard Drive, 1GBPS Network Ports.

Dedicated Servers start from $300/month USD, all kinds of configuration is available so let us know your specifications.

Fast Dedicated Servers