Netphone Online – Small Business 3x voip phone numbers

Netphone Online – Look professional and big like the big companies.  Get a small business plan with Netphone Online.  Small Business 3x voip phone numbers.

  1. Download Bria App to your mobile
  2. Cisco 112 Analogue Phone Adapter (2x voip phone endpoints)

You can have a national 1800 phone number in Australia based on Netphone VoIP Online Phone Numbers.  1800 phone numbers are a great way to advertise your business Australia-wide without a massive cost.  1800 phone numbers are used as a Netphone Online 1800 phone number as an incoming phone number to call into your business – 1800 make small and large businesses look good.

Pre-configured or remotely setup Cisco 112 Analogue Phone Adapter with 3x voip numbers.

Most people in Australia like to do business in 2 states/cities so having a local landline makes sense to identify your business as a local business.  Some people like to advertise as a bigger national business so this is where the 1800 phone number comes into to play.

Netphone Online – Cisco 112 Analogue Phone SPA – Configured with 2x voip phone endpoints.  Comes with 3 real netphone voip phone numbers.  Netphone Online phone online of any sort will bring you success nationally and help advertise your business as a big business.  1800 phone numbers is easily configured and setup remotely or pre-configured and youll just have to connect the blue cable to your networks switch within your business.

Netphone Online 1800 phone numbers makes perfect sense when you need to expose your business as a national big business.

1x 1800 phone numbers from Netphone Online Setup is $75 + GST AUD once off.

2x standard phone numbers e.g. 02 or 03 phone numbers from netphone online (sydney or melbourne) local landline. $60 + GST setup once off

All up $135 to get things all started (1x 1800 phone number + 2x standard phone number)

Cisco 112 Analogue Phone Adapter SPA $75

Total (Whole package to get 3x phone numbers, including 1800 phone number setup) and Cisco 112 Analogue Phone Adapter SPA $75

Get started from $75 (includes shipping) + $135 = 210+GST AUD /for first month – includes shipping of Cisco 112 Analogue phone adapter to your location.

$66 per month thereafter for 3 lines for incoming phone calls and out going calls.

Signup to small business plan for $210 for the first month includes setup, hardware shipping and configuration with unlimited technical support.

$66 per month thereafter.


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